Bringing Out the Inner-DIY

It is that time of year when the weather is teasing us with moments of hope that warmer weather is coming. It is also a time when projects that were "going to be done over the winter" actually get started.

When a small club needs something, do you buy it or DIY it? That is the question. First, you need to look at the want/need list and decide priorities. Second, how much can you save vs. the time it takes to build?

This year, these questions were easily answered. Due to the supply chain issues across the world, buying was not an options – so DIY it is.

The project: Sweep Oar Racks – Step 1

Thankfully, our neighbors, UConn Men's Rowing had a fabricated version that we could use as a template. Keeping in mind that metal is stronger than wood, some adjustments were made to accommodate and add strength.

Using a door knob circular bit, jig saw and circular saw, it was just a matter of time being able to cut the pressure-treated 2x10 to accommodate 8 sweep oars in total.

Next, part of the project will be adding support to the walls of the shed to handle the install, adding the L-bracket and additional support and then hanging. Stay-tuned for the project finish photos!