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Welcome to Coventry Lake Community Rowing (CLCR)! We are dedicated to the community and hope to be able to offer a wide variety of rowing options to help maintain and encourage healthy living for people of all ages. CLCR has many different programs throughout the year and a fleet of over 10 singles and multiple sweep boats available to accommodate all rower types, sizes, and abilities. Check out the programs we offer below and please feel free to contact us with any questions!

We also offer need-based scholarships to cover registration and membership costs; please fill out our application form here or contact us at for more information.

STEP 1: Know what type of rower you are:

  • ROWER TYPE 1 (RT1): Beginner (NEVER rowed before - canoeing and kayaking do not count as experience!)
  • ROWER TYPE 2 (RT2): Novice (in your first year of rowing)
  • ROWER TYPE 3 (RT3): Intermediate (in your 2nd year or more of rowing)
  • ROWER TYPE 4 (RT4): Advanced (can row a racing single with confidence and control)
  • YOUTH High School: Entering freshman year through senior year
  • COLLEGIATE: Currently enrolled in a college or university
  • YOUTH Middle School: Entering 6th through 8th

STEP 2: Review Programming Options

RT1 Beginner Private/Semi-Private:

For first time rowers, we offer Learn 2 sessions in group, private, and semi-private settings. Sessions are approximately 1 hour in length.

  • $30/session for 1st time rowers

Please see RT2 options for after first Learn2 session.

RT2 Novice Sessions:
RT3 Intermediate Sessions
RT3 and RT4: Captain's Privileges
Youth Competitive/Rec
Middle School Privates and Spring Learn-2

STEP 3: Sign up for US Rowing

NOTE: This has to be done before your 3rd session. Go to US Rowing and, if you are not already a member, join the basic individual membership ($25 annually) and SIGN THE WAIVER. Your registration with a CLCR program is not complete until you are registered with US Rowing and have signed the waiver.

  1. Put in Coventry Lake Community Rowing Inc. for Club or Team Name
  2. Our Club Code is H4YWA.

What should I wear and/or bring?

Spandex pants or shorts are best (avoid loose fitting shorts that can get caught in the wheels of the seat), and fitted/not too loose athletic tops including layers if necessary. Avoid pockets on sweatshirts where oars/hands might catch. For footwear, crocs or other shoes that you don't mind getting wet are best; we row in bare feet or socks. Although not a usual practice for rowers (we like calluses), feel free to wear gloves if you prefer. Make sure you bring your own water to stay hydrated (there is a faucet at the lake where bottles can be refilled)!

STEP 4: Register

Have other questions before signing up?

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COVID-19: Rower's Responsibility Code

Rowing is completely voluntary. By going to the CLCR lake area (outside your home) you are agreeing to the following rules and that you will be mindful of all other persons. If you feel unwell, stay home. Please communicate with your instructor if you have any concerns. Singles are by nature socially distanced and are always an option for those seeking an outlet without being grouped with others.