Safety for the First Days on the Water after Winter Conditioning

Coach/Launch Safety After a winter break, coaches and launch safety may be overlooked as crews return to the water early. Ensure equipment and launches are … Read more

Common Questions for Parents thinking about rowing as an option for their children

What is rowing and how does it differ from other sports? Rowing is a sport where athletes propel a boat using oars. It differs from … Read more

The role of a Coxswain

The coxswain is responsible for steering the boat and coordinating the power and rhythm of the rowers. In some capacities, the coxswain is responsible for implementing … Read more

Celebrating our 10 Year Anniversary in 2024

Celebrating 10 Years of Community Rowing: A Journey of Empowerment and Unity 🚣‍♂️🎉 This year marks a significant milestone for our Community Rowing Program – … Read more

The “Katie”

Many people were involved with the start of CLCR. It would be easy to forget some, hard to remember all. Ron Cotterill was the key. … Read more

Summer is here and Learn 2 Rows are offered weekly

Have you ever wanted to learn to row? Did you row in high school or college and want to get back in a boat? We … Read more

Scenes from early season practices

Warm winter did help us get on the water in early April. As a practice, we wait until air/water combined temperature is 100 degrees or … Read more

The most important race ever

Thank you to Litchfield Rowing Club for saving the day. After dates getting mixed up with North Hampton, then DEEP permits getting cancelled for Amber … Read more

Coventry hosts Westford Rowing and Pioneer

Sandwiched in between UConn Men and UConn Women’s rowing has its advantages… they teach you things when you are the little guy on the block. … Read more

Crash B’s

Crash Bs 2023 – First time CHS/CLCR had representation. Our girls did great and we are so proud of their dedication and desire to compete!