Captain’s Privileges Test – Practical Safety


  • Know which boat type and size to use for ability and considering weather conditions
  • Select an appropriate, matching set of oars, carry them to the dock blades first, and set them appropriately out of the way but close enough to retrieve.
  • Verbally describe the traffic pattern of Coventry Lake (Lake Wangumbaug)
  • Verbally describe the hazard areas of Coventry Lake (Lake Wangumbaug)
  • Ask for help to take boat from rack to slings; do so without hitting anything.
  • Check heel ties and check entire boat for missing or loose parts prior to launch.
  • Appropriately adjust foot-stretcher and spacers.
  • Put correct oars in oarlocks, starboard (dock side) oar first, and secure gates.
  • Remove shoes before stepping into boat, and leave shoes on dock or place in boat or on shore.
  • Make sure life jacket is in boat (unless launch is with you and is carrying the life jacket)
  • Get into the boat without stepping into the bottom.
  • Push off from dock without assistance.

ON-WATER (not necessarily sequential)

___ Immediately row away from the dock, following traffic pattern
___ Row with control of the set, clean feathering and squaring (full strokes after warm-up).
___ Complete a 360º river turn/turn-in-place in both directions (clockwise and counter-clockwise).
___ Back at least 10 strokes continuously, maintaining control and point.
___ Demonstrate awareness of surroundings by regularly checking ahead without stopping.
___ Row at least 10 full strokes with square blades continuously, maintaining control and point.
___ Demonstrate or describe how to pass and be passed.
___ Respond immediately to “Weigh enough, check it down!”, maintaining control and point.
___ Choose safe location to pull over to the side of the lake and describe what makes it safe.
___ Be able to safely get back into a boat if capsized OR swim it to shore to right it and get back in if flipped
___ Maintain safe course throughout row using pressure (not checking one oar to make turns).
___ Choose appropriate place and time to turn and cross the lake.
___ Communicate verbally with other lake users, if appropriate.
___ Follow traffic pattern at all times, remaining on correct side of the lake
___ While stopped, dip bottom nut of each rigger in water.
___ Cross in front of state boat launch safely
___ Land at dock without assistance, without hull hitting the dock.


___ Get out of the boat without stepping in the bottom.
___ Pull in and remove oars from oarlocks, port (water side) oar first, and secure gates.
___ Carry boat up from dock and place in slings without hitting anything.
___ Wash boat/wipe down
___ Ask for help to return boat to rack; do so correctly, without hitting anything.
___ Return to correct rack, in a matched pair and lock up.

*This information is subject to change per the Board of Directors at any time.