Sample Class Coaching Overview

Define Your Student:

Learn to Row:

  1. Define your students as A, B, C, D, or E rowers and adhere accordingly to guidelines
  2. Review/show equipment
    1. Include importance of carrying a boat properly with two hands
    2. Watching out for riggers and obstacles
    3. Discuss proper clothing including water shoes and layers
  3. Get out your oars and life jackets
  4. Mixed levels: Review basic rowing skills with C/D Rowers while A/B rowers watch
  5. Describe lake rules (counter clockwise, boat traffic, right-of-way, etc.)
  6. Describe lake hazards including powerboats, rocks, etc.
  7. Once C/D rowers are ready, send out with small task to review between launch area and Lakeview Cove
  8. Take A/B rowers and go thru teaching progression
    1. Review equipment
    2. Discuss how to put oars in properly
    3. Check foot stretchers
    4. How to get in and out safely
    5. Once in boat review feather vs. square
    6. While holding boat go over simple stroke arms/backs only
    7. Once ready, send out
  9. Now you can bring the group together and work on next task