Our Fleet

Training/Recreational boats

  • 4 Maas Aeros
  • 1 Maas Flightweight "The Banana"
  • 2 Peinert Zephyrs

Go to the Facebook page to see descriptions and pictures of these boats in action on Coventry Lake!

We will be able to accommodate 30 or more youth rowers and as many masters rowers in these boats during the summer. (These boats are also raced in a recreational class event at regattas that we plan to attend this Summer and Fall)

Top Level Racing boats

  • 1 Vespoli Matrix 26 (26 foot long for 140 lbs and up)
  • 2 Peinert X26 singles (26 foot long for 140 lbs and up)
  • 2 Peinert X25 Single (25 foot long, best suited for rowers less than 150lbs)
  • 1 Hudson double (31 feet for two scullers or  two sweep rowers on the light to mid-size weights)
  • 1 Sykes Double (slightly larger version of our Hudson double more suited for mid-weights to heavier weights)

Sweep Boats

  • 1 Vespoli 8 person shell
  • 4 Vespoli 4 person shells - bow coxed (one can be rigged as a quad for sculling)
  • 1 Vespoli 4 person shell - stern coxed and perfect for novice rowers and coxswains
  • 1 Hudson 4 person shell - stern coxed and can be rigged as a quad for sculling

Boats can accommodate youth rowers as small as middle school aged up to full-sized adults both men and women.

Coaches Launches

  • 1 aluminum 14 foot boat and with Tohatsu engine
  • 2 aluminum 10 ft boats with one Mercury engine and one Johnston engine

Training Equipment and Oars

  • 4 Concept 2 Ergs
  • Concept 2 and Croker Sculling Oars
  • 28 sweep oars (rubber handles and wooden handles)