Applicant Screening


Staff members, contractors, and/or volunteers must consent to and pass a formal applicant screening process before performing services for CLCR.

Elements of our screening process include, as applicable, successful completion of an application, interview, reference check and if working with students without senior coach supervision, a criminal background check.


To deter applicants who may be at risk of abusing athletes or participants from applying for positions, CLCR educates its applicants about its protection policies and offers applicants an early opt-out by:

  • Informing applicants about our policies and procedures relevant to prevention
  • Asking applicants to review and agree to our policies and procedures before proceeding with the process
  • Requiring applicants to sign a document acknowledging review of our policies and procedures


Each applicant for a position will complete an application form consisting of personal, identifying information and a general release with applicant’s signature.

The written application will:

  • Ask about previous work and volunteer experiences
  • Provide a written release for contacting personal references and performing a criminal background check, including an indemnification clause if applicable
  • Use disclosure statements to ask applicants about previous criminal arrests or convictions for sexual offenses, violence against youth and other violent criminal offenses or felonies


Appropriate staff will interview applicants whose experience and credentials are considered a fit for available positions. During this interview, CLCR will ask questions to encourage discussion, clarify responses and expand on the applicant’s answers to questions from the written application.


References of applicants will be contacted (either by phone or in writing) and asked specific questions regarding the applicant’s professional experiences, demeanor and appropriateness for involvement with minor athletes and participants.


Each applicant will also provide a signed release, consistent with federal, state and local laws regulating employment practices, that allows references to speak freely about the applicant’s qualifications without fear of reprisal and authorizing CLCR to obtain information concerning an applicant’s past employment, volunteer experience and information provided by the applicant during the screening process (i.e., written application and personal interview).