Team Building Workshops

Is your company in need of a team building event? Disguised as an activity to improve team-building skills, we add so much fun that your group won't even know that they are getting an experience of a lifetime.

Most sports have a teamwork component, but in rowing in anything but a single, there is nothing but teamwork required. Crew is the ultimate team sport, demanding the complete focus and effort of every crew member. 
Remember what it is like to learn, take in best practices for teaching others, collaborate and work together for success.
  • Activity Level: MODERATE/HIGH
  • Group Size: 4 – 16
  • Event Duration: 3 – 4 HOURS
  • Venue: OUTDOORS
  • Seasonal: SPRING/SUMMER/FALL (wind/heavy rain/storm dependent)

Sample Program Itinerary

Arrive at the lake and meet your instructor.

PART 1: Participants will break off with their instructor(s) for an introduction to rowing in a single (2 oars, commonly referred to as sculling). 1-4 participants per coach.

Goal: Each participant will have the opportunity to get into a boat in the water close to the shoreline to learn how to row with arms and backs only. Upon success of these initial skills, the participant will be released to experience rowing freely on the water with their coach following closely to give instruction as needed.

PART II: Upon return to the dock, participants will head over to our ergs. There, our head coach will review participants their experience on the water touching on key points and how it parallels to the workplace. Participants will be coached further on the intricacies of the rowing stroke on the erg. Each participant will have an opportunity to improve their technique to date.

Goal: Participants will understand their success in the single boats and correlate it with proper use of their bodies. The instruction from the coach honing in on participants learning styles may be recognized by the participant this awareness can be brought back to the workplace.

PART III: Participants will treat to enjoy a light snack or lunch including refreshments pending which package is chosen. Our resident nutritionist, Coach Courtney, has prepared information on the importance of nutrition in our daily lives and how it can affect our performance at work and at home. She is also super enthusiastic about the benefits of using rowing machines.

Goal: Refuel and share stories of the morning and get excited about the team event.

PART IV: Embracing the new skills that each participant now has, we will pair individuals into equal teams to head over the sweep boats. Sweep boats utilize one oar per person and have a coxswain to steer and coordinate the rowers. Coaches will follow these large boats in launches and additional coaches will fill in seats as necessary.

Pending the success of the teams and the energy of the participants, a short race can be facilitated. The prize? Bragging rights and the knowledge that their teamwork made it happen!