Community Support – A Shed to Call Home

Ask and you shall receive. The support of the town and the community has always been amazing. Being the last group to arrive, there was no more storage space for Coventry Lake Community Rowing. Without hesitation, when asked if we could put a shed up over an already existing cement slab, the support was immediate. The expectation was that we could fundraise and maybe build something, anything, that could help protect our equipment.

Less than one month later, we had the funds to buy a new shed from Kloter Farms. The shed came with high gables to support the length of oars, windows for light, and a loft for extra storage. Now, CLCR has a place to call home and the ability to keep important equipment from the elements.

Update: Ackert Electric recently has added electricity to the shed fulfilling the added need to charge communication equipment on a continual basis. We cannot thank Tim and his team enough for this added support! Please visit for your electrician needs.