Coventry Lake Algae Bloom Update Public Health Advisory TERMINATED August 8, 2022

The Health Advisory closing both Patriot’s Park and Lisciki beaches has been removed and the beaches will be reopened. You can read full article on the website or Download press release here >
Please be aware that conditions still exist that may result in a higher risk in isolated parts of the lake. Residents (AKA us at the dock) who have access points to the lake are encouraged to observe the water before contacting the water, and before allowing children or pets to contact the water. Avoid contacting water that appears green throughout (sometimes referred to as looking like pea soup), or that has mats, films or scums accumulating on the surface. You can find photographic examples of these conditions in the link to the DEEP document referenced on the second page of this update. Please also note that new signs will be going up around the lake in the coming days reminding residents to look for these conditions. The algae monitoring program will continue through the summer water activity season. The community will be notified of any changes in the bloom risk at that time.