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Are you an avid rower who looks forward to rowing when your time permits? Do you appreciate having the flexibility to take out different boats to meet your mood or the conditions? Are you jazzed by being able to try sweep, or experiencing a double or quad? Captain's Privileges are designed to offer a personal rowing experience with the opportunity to try boats and row with other members that might challenge you or become your best friend. With Captain's privileges, you add the freedom to row outside of structured class times and cater your outings exactly how you want them.

*By approval only. Rowers will be tested and approved. Varied levels of privileges from the recreational sculler to advanced

CLCR offers three types of Captain's Privileges:

  • Captain's Privileges (Adults)
  • Captain's Privileges Plus, and (Adults)
  • Captain's Privileges Junior (HS youth)




  • May row with a buddy any time boats are available M-F before 2 pm, Saturdays before 10 am, Sundays before 10 am and between 12-3:30. Evenings when conditions are safe (boat traffic is low)
    • Maas Aeros, Zephyrs (please wet dock to reduce stress on the boats as they are wider), 2x, or 4x+ with approved coxswain


  • Rowed 1 year or more
  • Must row with a buddy who is within 100 yards at all times or during monitored sessions while launch(es) are out
  • Passed CLCR written test (10-20 questions)
  • Passed CLCR on-water test (given by a board appointed coach or Captain's Committee member assigned by the board) in the boat you plan on rowing (ie. you will test in a rec boat for rec captain's and test in a racing shell for racing captains)
  • Pass a swim test - swim 50 yards comfortably, tread water for 2 minutes and then put on a life jacket while treading water or provide a hold-harmless statement regarding their swimming ability.
  • Know our lake:
    1. Traffic pattern, rock and other hazard locations
    2. Boating rules (who has right-of-way)
    3. Understand other boat types and common “behaviors” they follow
    4. Know the “choke” points and understand why you don’t want to hang out there
    5. Understand the wind patterns for our lake and what that looks like on a weather app.
    6. Understand that weather can change and what to look for and how to adjust if something happens.
  • Understand the boat:
    1. How to properly unstrap and get the boat set up for rowing correctly
    2. Put oars in correctly and what to do when they don’t and they are out on the water
    3. Knowing how fragile the boat is and where it is most vulnerable. Skeg, bow, stern, “inside the boat” seat platform, etc. as well as the oars themselves
    4. Knowing the different types of oars
    5. Know how to put the boat away properly including tie it down and wipe it off
  • Have these rowing skills:
    1. Get in and out safely both person and for the boat
    2. Turn both tightly & adjust direction while rowing
    3. Stop immediately at speed
    4. Row fast without crabbing (in emergency to get out of the way or move because of a hazard)
    5. Row while looking over one’s shoulder
    6. Knowing how to set a point
    7. Left hand over right
    8. Be able to back the boat up at a full stroke
  • Be available to help fellow rowers at the lake
  • Have passed the written rowing test (10-20 questions based on information above and general rowing term